This Error is caused by:

  1. The Renew Code was entered incorrectly.  Try again.

  2. The incorrect Options File, Serial Number or Renew Used-Count was specified when the code was built.  If this is the case, the Error can be fixed by simply re-building the Renew Code with the correct information.

    The Developer can can verify that they have all the correct information to build a replacement code by asking the User to run the Renew program and provide the Validation field shown on the Renew screen.   This field should match the Validation field on the KeyBuild Renew Codes panel when re-building the Renew Code.

  3. An old version of the Renew program is being used and the code was built with a new version of the KeyBuild program.  To correct this problem, just email or send the latest version of the Renew program to the Customer and try the code again.