We have made it extremely easy to start using the driverless Rockey4ND Keys. The new KeyChk DLL was designed as a "drop-in" replacement for the DLL from Version 2.  It is totally backward compatible, having the same entry point, using the same calling convention and supporting the old SCB layout.

That means that you can simply swap out the old Kechk32.dll file with the new KeyChk.dll file and immediately start using Rockey4NDs.  No Source Code changes or re-Compiling are necessary.

To use Rockey4NDs with NO changes to your existing Product programs, rename the KeyChk.dll file to Kechk32.dll and copy it over the existing Kechk32.dll file.  That's it!  Your Product will now work with the driverless Rockey4ND Keys AND still be backward compatible with your existing installed base of the older Rockey4 Keys.

For detailed instructions how to upgrade from EverKey Version 2 to EverKey Version 6, please refer to this entry.