EverKey License Manager Download

First, Download the latest EverKey License Manager from Az-Tech.com.  Here is the link.

The Downloaded file is a Zip archive file that contains the latest version of all EverKey programs.  It includes all System programs, Documentation and Example Source Code.

Unpack the Zip file to your C: Drive.  This will create an “EverKey” folder. Under this folder, there will be the following subfolders:

  • Doc: This folder contains all the latest EverKey documentation in PDF format.

  • EverKey System Files: This folder contains all the EverKey System programs used to protect your Product.

  • Files To Copy To Your Product: This folder contains all the EverKey files that your Customer will need. These are the only files that should be copied to your Customer's computer when your protected Product is installed.

  • Source Code Examples: This folder contains Example programs in C#, C++ and Visual Basic that show how to call the KeyChk DLL to verify the presence of your unique Key. If there is not an example in your Product's language, contact Support or check the Az-Tech.com Downloads.

EverKey Programs

Here is a short description of the main EverKey System Files:

  • KeyBuild.exe: This is the main EverKey System program. It is used to build the Rockey4ND Keys used by your protected Product. It is also used to build Renew Codes which are used to remotely change or remove the Limits in your Keys.

  • KeyShow.exe: This program is used to display the non-secret information in your Rockey4ND Keys. It is so useful that many Developers redistribute it to their Users as an easy-to-use diagnostic tool.

  • Renew.exe: This program is used to change the Time Limit, Use Limit and Feature-Flags of the Key that has already been installed to your Customer's computer. It uses the Renew Codes built by the KeyBuild program.

  • KeyChk.dll: This is the 32-bit (x86) DLL that checks for the presence of your unique Key and reports the results to your protected program. There is also an x64 version of this DLL included.

  • KeyHammer.exe: This program is a diagnostic tool which you can use to test different KeyChk calling sequences without writing a program. There is also an x64 version of this program included.

  • Errcode.exe: This program interprets EverKey Error Codes to provide an explanation and possible resolution.
  • Rockey4.exe. This program is only needed if you are using Rockey4 Keys. If you are using the Driverless Rockey4ND Keys, you don't need this program. It is used to install the Device Drivers for Rockey4 Keys.

Getting Started

Once the EverKey License Manager has been installed, you can refer to How EverKey Works for an Overview of how to use EverKey.