EverKey is a Software License Manager and more. It protects your intellectual property by allowing you to control where and how your software products are used. Beyond that, EverKey provides the flexibility to Market your software as a stand-alone package, trial evaluation or bundled with other related products. The bottom line is that EverKey does the job of enforcing your License Terms so you can focus on what you do best.

EverKey Driverless Rockey4ND Key

Here is what SD Times says about EverKey:

"EverKey allows fine-grain control of where and how software products are used. It provides the flexibility to market software as a standalone package, trial evaluation, or bundled with other products. Using EverKey, it is easy to control execution limits, time limits and feature limits. The product reduces software piracy risks, helps end customers comply with license agreements, and enables more effective marketing of software products." - SD Times Magazine, August 26, 2014

EverKey handles traditional License Enforcement by making it a snap to setup Execution Limits, Time Limits and Feature Limits. This not only reduces losses due to software piracy but also helps your Customers comply with their license agreements. Then EverKey goes a step further by giving you the capability to remotely change, renew or remove the limits via email or phone.

Helping you Market your Product is another area where EverKey excels. There are 16 built-in Feature-Flags that let you Promote or Cross-Sell any way you want. And the best part is that you don't have to plan everything in advance. Our proven Renew technology allows you to turn Features or Products On or Off with a simple code delivered by Email or Phone. That means that you can ship your Products now and then later decide to offer Specials or Add-On Discounts.

EverKey utilizes the most advanced technology available to protect your Product and keep it secure. By combining the strength of hardware with the flexibility of software, we can offer an unprecedented level of compatibility and security. YOUR Product deserves nothing less!