We test programs protected by EverKey with all the current versions of Windows (XP thru 10) running on Macs using OS X up to and including El Capitan  (OS X v10.11). We have been doing this since 2008 (Mac OS X Leopard v10.5) and have not seen any issues since 2009 with:

  • VMware Fusion Version 3 and later.
  • Parallels Version 4 and later.
  • Apple Boot Camp.

Both Rockey4 and Rockey4ND Keys are fully supported.

Rockey4ND Keys do not require any Device Drivers, but for Rockey4 Keys, you will still need to install the Drivers.

If you are using Rockey4 Keys, you should use the Rockey4.exe program, which is the newest Driver Setup program.  Do not use the old Setup program, Azsetup.exe.  No matter which Driver Setup program you use, there is no change to the installation procedure when running on the Mac.

Not only do your protected programs run under Windows on Macs, you can also run the EverKey System programs the same way on your Mac. KeyBuild.exe, KeyShow.exe and Renew.exe have been tested extensively on Macs running VMware Fusion 5 and later.