To show how to use KeyChk, we have provided the complete Source Code for a number of Example programs in various languages. The easiest way to add one or more KeyChk calls to your program is to copy and paste from our Example Source Code and then re-build (re-compile) your program.

Here is the link to the Example Source Code on the Downloads page of

All our Example Source Code uses a Product-ID of “Examples” and a Product PIN of '375391873”. Of course, your Product-ID and Product PIN will be different and you will need to update your Source Code with your unique values. Both of these fields are shown on the Build Keys screen of the KeyBuild program. Be sure to load the Options File for your Product because each Options File can have a different Product‑ID and Product PIN.

Once a KeyChk call has been added, your program can be distributed in a compressed format, if desired.