Please Note:

Device Drivers are only required for using Rockey4 Keys. If you are only using the newer Rockey4ND Keys, you do not need to install Device Drivers and you do not need the Rockey4.exe program.

If you are using Rockey4 Keys, you must first install the Rockey4 Device Drivers before the EverKey programs can access the Keys.

The easiest way to install all the correct Rockey4 Device Drivers for the supported versions of Windows is to use the Rockey4.exe program. This program performs "single-click" installation and you may redistribute it with your software Products. Get the latest version of the Rockey4 program here.

If you use this program to install the Device Drivers while the Rockey4 is plugged into a USB port, the Rockey4 may not be accessable until 1) it's re-inserted, or 2) Windows has been restarted.

You can do a "Silent Install" by using a command-line parameter of "/S", e.g. "rockey4.exe /S". Of course, this could be done from a parent program, batch file or script. During a Silent Install, all prompts and dialogs are not displayed unless a catastrophic error is encountered.