Here's how to make sure that your Customers have NO PROBLEMS installing and running your protected programs on Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 10.

A typical Product protected by EverKey contains the programs KeyChk.dll and Renew.exe. You might also include the KeyShow.exe program because it's an easy-to-use Diagnostic tool. The latest versions of these programs are fully compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Editions of Windows XP-SP2 thru Windows 10.

Be sure that your Product CD/DVD or Download Image contains the latest versions of the following EverKey programs:

  • KeyChk.dll. This is the DLL module that checks for the presence of your unique Key and reports the results to your protected program. If your protected program is a Native x64 Windows program, then you would use KeyChk64.dll instead. Get the latest version here.
  • Renew.exe. This program allows you to remotely change the Time Limit, Execution Limit and Feature-Flags of the Key after it has been installed to your Customer's computer. Get the latest version here.
  • KeyShow.exe. This utility program allows your Customer to display non-Secret information about any Rockeys that are plugged into their computer. Most Developers include this program as an easy-to-use Diagnostic tool. Get the latest version here.
  • Rockey4.exe. This program is only needed if you are using Rockey4 Keys. If you are using the Driverless Rockey4ND Keys, you don't need this program.
    • The Rockey4 program will do the installation of the Rockey4 Device Drivers. Do not use Azsetup.exe - It installs the old version of the Rockey4 drivers. Get the latest version of the Rockey4 program here.
    • When using this program, be sure your Customer installs your protected Product FIRST and runs Rockey4.exe LAST. Have your Customer install in this order because Rockey4.exe will overwrite any older drivers with the newest Rockey4 Device Drivers.
    • Windows requires Administrator rights to install Device Drivers. This means that your Customer will have to be logged-in as an Administrator or enter the Administrator Password when running Rockey4.exe.
    • For most Editions of Windows, it is still necessary to unplug any Rockey4 devices first before running Rockey4.exe to install the Device Drivers. If you don't want your Customer to unplug the devices, restarting Windows will have the same effect.
    • If Azsetup.exe has already been used to install the old version of the Rockey4 Device Drivers, there is no need to uninstall it first.